PortConsult was founded in 1998 by Dr.Wilhelm Okresek. The leitmotif is economic sustainability. What will prevail in the economic world of tomorrow?
We offer tailor-made international corporate finance solutions. The geographic focus is EU and Scandinavia, C&EE, Turkey and Japan. For your specific requirements we can draw on a reliable network of specialist grown over decades. A particular strength of PortConsult is ready access to industry specialists.
If you wish to include ethical and ecological considerations over and above the economic focus PortConsult can deliver.
If you have, for yourself or your firm, an HR issue talk to us.
Together with competent partners we have founded and are involved in HumanInvest, Karriere-Mentor and Project Canis. They address these issues and provide specialist input where required.

Dr.Wilhelm Okresek - Managing Partner

Dr.Wilhelm Okresek - Principal Partner

A career in international banking and finance since 1977: London, Paris, Lisbon, Barcelona, Tokyo, New York, Vienna.

Firms: Bank of London & South America/ Lloyds Bank International, Morgan Grenfell, Creditanstalt, Fischer Francis Trees&Watts, Vienna Portfolio Management AG

Board Functions: Franz Klammer Foundation, LPS (Cineplexx/Constantin Film), Investment Club Austria, oekostrom AG


HumanInvest – a platform with ethical-ecological focus for individuals and institutionals – delivers assistance for decision taking when the emphasis is on ethical-ecological and economic issues. A wide range is covered from ideas and information about sensible investments to coaching in financial problems. What will prevail and satisfies ethical-ecological criteria?

  • HumanInvest
  • Project Canis

    Project Canis: it is all about people&dogs. By now a well-known entity, Project Canis is training people and dogs and is involved in thrilling projects right into the area of life sciences. Are dog-noses capable of sniffing serious human diseases in a pre-stage?

  • Project Canis

  • Advisory Board


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